Bringing Children to a Wedding



Weddings are a magical time, and if you and your children have been lucky enough to be invited to one, they are probably very excited. If you have never taken them to such a fancy event before, you may be wondering how to prepare them for the day. These are some tips to make sure that all of the guests, young and old, have a great time at the wedding.


When you book your reception site, be sure that you understand what's included in the rental fee. Each venue is different, so you have to clarify with the site manager which items the venue provides and which wedding rentals you must provide. (this list of questions to ask your wedding reception site will help you determine what's included) As always, make sure that everything you have agreed upon is put in writing.


Our wedding dress is a key part of our wedding celebration and memories. Our gown reveals how beautiful and special our marriage is to us. We want it to be a flawless symbol of our love. We want to feel beautiful in it.